Hello, World! I'm Abhinav. 

A holistic UX designer with a focus on creating intuitive Interactions & Products.

I love tackling complex-tasks and transforming them into easy-to-use designs. Designed User Experiences for Boardable, Cognizant & VMware


3.5+ years of professional UX experience

Board Meeting & Notifications Experience.

UX Designer 

Financial MIS Platform & Digital Media Experience.

UI/UX Design Engineer 

Product Designer Onboarding Experience.

Product Designer  

UX Challenges - Case Studies

Computer-Mediated Comms App Experience.

UX Designer (CMC)

Sedentary Activity Tracker and Nudging Experience.

UX Designer (Product)

A concept of Smart Cane IoT Experience.

UX Designer (Accessibility)

Lets collaborate and do awesome work!

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