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  • Interactive visualizations are widely used in exploratory data analysis, but existing systems provide limited support for confirmatory analysis.


  • Introducing PredictMe, a tool for belief-driven visual analysis, enabling users to draw and test their beliefs against data, as an alternative to data-driven exploration.


  • PredictMe combines belief elicitation with traditional visualization interactions to support mixed analysis styles.

Please read our CHI 2021 Publication for further details.



  • IU DATA Lab​

  • IUPUI Institute of Integrative AI

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  • CHI 2021 conference 


Funded By

  • National Science Foundation

  • Indiana University


My Contribution

As a Data Visualization Designer and Researcher, I contributed to the design, development, research (Led User interviews) and analyzed the results from 24 participants to draft the research paper. Delivered the research CHI 21.

The question that has driven our research!

"How do analysts interact with a visualization system that supports belief-driven analysis?"

Try PredictMe application:

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